Front Loading Web Content

Movie trailers are front loads of the movies they pitch. Advertisements are front loads of the product or service they sell. Newspaper articles are front loaded to pack the essence of the story in the beginning, fading to the details toward the end. Do same with your web content.

Front loading is a good thing. Particularly for modern society. As our attention span drops at an exponential rate, the way we convey information needs to change dramatically too. Our readers don’t afford us the time to dance around, say how great we are, wave palm leaves, and then finally tell them what we need to tell them. You must give your readers the key facts fast, and first. And not just some of the facts, all of them.

Even book authors need to change our style. Try writing a 600 page book around marketing techniques, or 750 page compendium of business tips. Odds are it won’t be a popular book. But a 150 page book, with the key content in the beginning, and the substantiating stories in the back, has a shot at being read.

It’s time you start front loading all your content. Get your message across faster. Make your website simpler. Reduce your copy to 1/10th of what you have now, but convey the same message. Make your voice mail system faster to navigate, and cut your voice mail message in half.

Give your readers less (content), while giving them more (value).


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