Our Visit to MSNBC's Your Business

Mike Michalowicz was at MSNBC’s Your Business yesterday, to discuss pivoting, tax strategies, and other business strategies. Be sure to tune into MSNBC this Sunday at 7:30am ET (or set your DVR) to see the show!

Mike Michalowicz at MSNBC Studios

Mike Michalowicz getting ready to go on set… or become a camera man.

Mike Michalowicz with JJ Ramberg at MSNBC

Mike Michalowicz talking with JJ Ramberg, host of MSNBC’s Your Business. Notice Mike’s socks… they are the USA flag.

Ron Saharyan and JJ Ramberg at MSNBC

Ron Saharyan, Co-Founder of Profit First Professionals, with JJ Ramberg, host of MSNBC’s Your Business.

JJ Ramberg and Mike Michalowicz at MSNBC

Mike Michalowicz and JJ Ramberg on set at MSNBC’s Your Business.

Ron Saharyan at MSNBC

Ron Saharyan working the camera at MSNBC. Don’t quit your day job, Ron!




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