The Increasing Cost Of Doing Business

Have you ever noticed that the majority of business articles point to the (very real) fact that it is getting more expensive to run a business? Your employees don’t ask for salary cuts, they ask for raises. The landlord for your office space, will never come to you and say they are cutting your rent in half. Your vendors will send year end notices about their new (more costly) price structure. Increasing costs is just part of being in business. Or is it?

Just because increasing costs are the natural tendency of business, does not mean you need to get caught in the current. The next time you feel yourself settling for increased costs, ask yourself this question:

How do I double my results with half the costs?

That is right, a 200% increase in the margin between result and cost. The solution may not be obvious (or perhaps may not even exist). But if you ask a better question, you are sure to see a better result. Even if you don’t experience a 200% improvement, any improvement is a good thing.


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