The Benefits of Video Marketing Justin Andrews and John Antonacci

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I’m sure you’ve heard it at this point: video is the most impactful way to communicate to your audience right now.  Our guests Justin Andrews and John Antonacci explore the various ways to use video in your business, without spending a fortune. Welcome to episode 235 of the Entrepreneurship Elevated Podcast!

Our Guest

Justin Andrews: One of the co-founders at Animus Studios. After winning the ‘best dressed’ superlative in high school, he thought to himself: “Making awesome videos to help people? Yeah, that sounds like my thing.” Now this stylish fella helps clients think up awesome creative solutions. He’s all about action and execution… like that time he said, “I bet I can kick that ceiling, and he did.” He’s no Chuck Norris, but you get the idea. You’ll probably like working with him.

John is a natural born storyteller and can pretty much find the humor in any situation. Before bringing his years of sales and marketing expertise to Animus Studios, John worked in the precious metals industry, becoming the CMO of one of the industry’s leading precious metals refiners. Animus Studios had been helping John with sales videos and he loved the plan, create and share process so much, he decided to do it full time for Animus. If you haven’t been entertained by the former high school theater enthusiasts sales videos yet, he’ll be sure to send you one. Until then he’s happy to offer his color commentary here on the video jungle.

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Receipt-Bank – Software and service to make the gathering, storage & processing of bills, receipts and invoices as easy and as cost-effective as possible for businesses.

Nextiva – VOIP phone providers for small businesses.



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