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A great place to work: Everybody wants that, but how do we recognize and implement the qualities that make one?  (Hint: It ain’t a new foosball table!) Darren Virassammy  explains how to create a culture in your workplace that will have your team members wanting to give their best every day and feeling their value.  Welcome to episode 252 of the Entrepreneurship Elevated Podcast!

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Darren Virassammy is the Co-Founder and the Chief Operating officer of 34 Strong, Inc. His passion for talent development was unleashed during his tenure teaching college courses in Business,
Entrepreneurship, and Public Speaking, where he worked to unleash talent in his students and other instructors that he mentored. Along his teaching path, Virassammy realized he wanted to merge his teaching and organizational career experience (Including organizations such as Lennar, Neiman Marcus, Bare Escentuals, Inroads and The Federal Reserve) to help organizational teams progress through talent development more effectively. It was in that time he met Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and 34 Strong
CEO, Brandon Miller, who was looking for a business partner to launch 34 Strong as Miller was wrapping up his Gallup Certification.

Darren writes, speaks and trains teams extensively on Strengths based organizations. He focuses on providing solutions to the disengagement problem through talent development and building strengths based organizational culture. A few of Darren’s features include publication in Gallup’s Strengths Coaches’ Playbook, an interview on Gallup’s Called to Coach, and speaking at Drexel University. He is a featured speaker at the Rotary World Peace Conference. Darren is a regular guest writer for multiple blogs including the California Employers Association and HRSoft Talent Management. A few of the numerous organizations that Darren works with on developing strengths-based teams include: Bank of America, Genentech, State Street, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Hitachi Data Systems.

Darren holds an MBA from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. He is a firm believer in the African Proverb: “If you want to go fast, go by yourself. If you want to go far, go with others!” He has worked alongside his team to build 34 Strong around embodying and bringing this statement to life in the organizations they serve.

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