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This episode of the Profit First Podcast is all about fundraising, and how you as an entrepreneur can raise funds for your next stage of growth, success and lots of profit. Julia Pimsleur shares the 8 steps necessary to raise funds – you do not need to do them all, however, you have to be aware of all the steps and take action on at least 5 of them.  Julia also explains all the different sources of funding as well as angel investing and venture capital. She also shares a gaggle of resources that you can visit to find funds in your local community. Welcome to Episode 74 of the Profit First Podcast!


Our Guest 

Julia Pimsleur

Julia Pimsleur is the author of Million Dollar Women: The Essential Guide for Female Entrepreneurs Who Want to Go Big (Simon & Schuster, Amazon Top 20 in Women & Business) and Founder of Little Pim, language teaching for young children, one of the few women-led venture capital backed companies in the U.S. Little Pim has won 25 awards and features the proprietary Entertainment Immersion Method®. Pimsleur is the daughter of language teaching pioneer, Dr. Paul Pimsleur, as well as an award-winning filmmaker and mother of two. She has raised over $25M in Angel, Venture and philanthropic dollars and blogs for about entrepreneurship.

Pimsleur teaches Million Dollar Women Workshops an online Masterclass to help more women entrepreneurs raise capital and get their businesses to $1M in revenues. She has raised over  When she is not speaking or coaching, Pimsleur can be found kicking a soccer ball in the Central Park with her two amazing boys under the age of 12. She lives in Manhattan, speaks French and Italian and is an avid scuba diver.


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Julia’s Book “Million Dollar Women”, Million Dollar Women Workshop, and Million Dollar Women Masterclass

Julia on Twitter: @JuliaPimsleur


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