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Today, entrepreneur Jacqui Rosshandler joins us to discuss how she chose to innovate and find new products outside of her industry and what her “Aha!” moment was. We also touch on lessons learned in the process of how to launch a product-based business that gets into mainstream stores, AND how to do it profitably throughout. Welcome to Episode 95 of the Profit First Podcast!


Our Guest 

jacqui RosshandlerWoofmints, is your classic “necessity breeds invention” story – where Jacqui Rosshandler, inventor of sister product Eatwhatever, a duel mint and gel cap breath freshener, was shown close affection by a black lab with awful breath and had an “Aha!” moment. Following a hunch, she confirmed that her gel cap formula could also solve the dog breath issue and Woofmints was born. The innovative oil based gel caps work on dogs just as they do on humans creating sustainable fresh breath for hours.

In 2010, Jacqui Rosshandler joined forces with Arthur Shorin, former CEO of Topps, a multi-national company famous for sports picture products and confections. Together they formed Jacquii LLC, a privately held company dedicated to improving the sociability of humans and pets via healthy,natural, effective products. The company presently markets Eatwhatever, – Steps to Kissable Breath and new Woofmints – No More Dog Breath.


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