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Does your business growth feel more like a rut?

It quickly became apparent that the more I tried to grow my business the more I spun my wheels. Opportunities seemed to be sporadic and I fell into be a yes man. Yes I will do that project, that we have no experience in and no capabilities, but we have no money…so yes, I will do it.

I discovered that growing my business with an ever growing diverse offering, was making my business desperate. Then one day I challenge myself to do fewer things, for fewer types of clients, at a big premium. And it worked!

I subsequently devised The Pumpkin Plan system to grow all of my businesses, fast, healthy and strong. And with The Pumpkin Plan, I intend to do the same for you.

— Mike Michalowicz

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“Hard-hitting advice aimed directly at the entrepreneur who is stuck being a wandering generality instead of a meaningful specific. Plenty of seeds worth planting.”
Seth Godin, Author of We Are All Weird

“Every page, every chapter, as I read this book, I asked myself, ‘Michael E. Gerber, how come YOU didn’t think of that?’ Just remarkable! Just absolutely a remarkable book. A Pumpkin! Who would have thought? Every one of you…entrepreneurs, business owners…read it! Do it now!”
Michael E. Gerber, Author of The E-Myth

“Another great read from Mike Michalowicz! Mike’s off-the-cuff sense of humor and business savvy ensure that The Pumpkin Plan is a book that entrepreneurs should read for years to come.”
Guy Kawaski, Author of Enchantment & Art of the Start

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