Your new business is about to kick some ass.

Ditch the business plan

Use lack to your advantage

Enjoy your successful startup

Is your start up more of a stuck up?

The day before I launched my first business I was excited beyond belief. Then I launched my company and the excitement faded. Fast.

My excitement became anxiety and fear, as I did anything and everything I could to get my business off the ground. This is the sad reality for most new businesses, but it doesn’t have to be. 

I wrote The Toilet Paper Entrepeneur to give you (and all my subsequent business launches) the tools to build a new company quickly and healthily. You deserve a successful company. And you deserve to get rich right.

— Mike Michalowicz

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“Mike’s book might spark your interest, but the contents will truly transform your interest into entrepreneurial success.”
Pat Croce, Entrepreneur, Former Owner of the 76ers and Angel Investor

“Fun read. Powerful advice. A must read for every new and old entrepreneur.”
Sarah Shaw, Entrepreneur

“Rock solid advice straight from the trenches. This book changes everything.”
Bill Bartmann, Self-Made Billionaire

Now that you know the basics, let’s put it into action:

The 4 simple steps to making your business widly successful:

1) Get the free resources

2) Read the book

3) Master the process

4) Experience entrepreneurial success