5 Easy Steps To Find Your Hidden Talents

5 Easy Steps To Finding Your Talents

Is talent born or made? The dictionary says talent is a “natural endowment” of a person—so we’re all born with our talents. It’s up to us to grow and develop them, but the seeds are in us at birth. Talent is an ability or natural capacity or potential that we have, which may range from our creativity or intellect or social skills to our athletic abilities. We all have talents, but we’re not always so good at identifying what they are. In fact, our best talents can be right in front of us, and we miss them. We’re so busy searching for a talent we think is hot or lucrative, or sexy or fun, or more like how we imagine our life being, that we overlook the actual tremendous potential we have sitting there waiting to be discovered.

If you can determine what your talents are, you can tap into an amazing resource that can help you in every aspect of your life, including your business. Whether you are searching for the perfect type of business to open or you want to find ways to grow the one you have, you may find the answer in your personal talents.

Ways To Discover Your Talent

1. Listen to others. You may be clueless about your talent, but your friends aren’t. So ask them. People around you usually know what your talents are, even when you don’t, because when they need something done well—you’re the one they’re always asking, or sending their friends to. Have you ever wondered why everyone wants you to help them negotiate that new car deal? Or help them with repairing their credit, or fixing their car? If you think about it, people have likely been telling you that you are good at something for a long time. You just weren’t listening.             Now is the time to listen!

2. What comes easily to you? Are there things that you find really easy or obvious to do, while others may struggle or muddle their way through? If you have things that you find super easy, you assume they’re easy for everyone. They’re almost always not. Just because you believe that they should be just as easy, or obvious, for others, that’s not how it works. In this scenario, they struggle while you stand there feeling like it was a cakewalk! If that’s you, chances are that’s a talent.

3. What you enjoy most. Your talents may be demonstrating itself in other ways. For examples, are there magazine topics that you just can’t get enough of? Are there shows you love? Think about what it is that you love to do most when you have free time. If you are drawn towards it, fascinated by it, and enjoy playing with, exploring or practicing it, it’s a natural talent.

4. Shut up already! Is there a specific subject that you love to talk about, often to the point that your friends want to shoot you? Consider the subject, perhaps it may be one of your hidden talents or is connected to one.

5. Just ask. Ask everyone you know who is willing to give you an honest assessment about what they think your talents are. Ask them to, for the moment, ignore your bad habits and have them share the one or two things that they think you are hands down most talented at. Ask a lot of people who know you, but always ask them one-on-one. Compile the results, and whalah!  There is your hidden talent!

Key Components

When you know what your talents are, you feel more in tune with your life. The sun shines brighter, jerks are less jerky, and all is well with the world because you’re on track. You have a purpose. Add a vision and a plan to your talent and you can also use those talents to excel in the business world. Whether you leverage those talents in your product or service, or you use them to network and make quality connections, it’s important to know what your talents are. When you capitalize on your talents, it no longer feels like work, it just feels like living. And anything that makes business and life more enjoyable is bound to be a good thing!



40 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps To Find Your Hidden Talents”

  1. A great article that helped me understand myself in five new ways and that has already left an indelible and positive mark on me. Thanks for the read. -Benny

      1. Brilliant. Although sometimes we enjoy something, are drawn toward it and want to be successful at it, but “it” is not so easy to understand or to execute. We are then stuck in a paradox where we strive to improve, but no matter how much we try, our motivation is undermined by our inability to reach ‘the next level’. I have found myself in such a situation where I have built up a competence through hard work and determination, only to feel deflated when someone else can achieve the same and greater, simply because they have “talent”. It seems odd to me that we can reflect so strongly on our weaknesses to prove to ourselves we can do something we are “bad” at compared to others (those with talent) and greatly underestimate/be ignorant to our strengths.

    1. till now i always hated being talentles, but iv realized a talent you cant find but you can wait for one. One day I will most likely do something that inspires me to do more of that one thing, I think this because what if I come along to a talent like drumming and I say “wow what a great instrument, this is definetly my new talent” This happend to me and I hatted drumming. Thats because I looked for it. waiting for it will give you the right talent for you. And iv already stumbled upon my true talent, writting storys.

  2. I don’t know about any talents:/ my social skills are somewhat low and I don’t partake In any activities. All I do is play Xbox go to school and work. I don’t wanna be a person with a talent of playing Xbox all day hahaha

  3. I have so many dots but need help connecting them in order to see the picture…my interest and talent doesn’t lie in one box! Help!

    1. Ok… so let’s get started on figuring this out. What are your talents? And what are your interests? Give me at least 3 for each, and let’s see if we can find a hidden threat that connects them together.


    1. Emily – The place to start is happiness. Happiness occur typically when we are expressing a talent. So…. what do you do that makes you happy. List EVERYTHING you can think of. Then, of all the things you list, which items give you more and more energy and happiness as you do more and more of it?
      Some things we like to do are fun and give us happiness, but drains energy over time.
      Other things BUILD our happiness and our energy the more we do it. That is where our ultimate talent resides.

  5. I love all the comments i read,now i can say i have a talent of making crafts,and decorating houses ,and bedrooms for children,BUT here is the problem am facing,am doing teaching as a full time job and my carrier is keeping me busy from exposing my talents from doing,am busy almost all week and within the time i rest.i am busy of other things,but i still have my things i like to do,but i have to work and cover my expenses as well(by the way i love teaching too)please help me the way to take it out am confused what to do about it…..

    1. You are teaching and yet discovers you have another tallent of decorating and craft, and don’t have enough time for yourself, well what you must do is to create time for yourself. Find out how many hours you spend each day at work, and make out time to advertise your tallent to people(even though its just an hour)and also advertise to your students or pupils as well as extending your hand to their parets; the simple tip is: “start from where you are and get to where you wish to be”.

  6. this list really seems more tailored to someone whos good at a lot of things but just doesnt realize it for some reason. are your friends asking you to negotiate their car deals? yes? then thats your talent. duh.

  7. I just read five steps in this website.i was more interesting in Clean my home ,but that is how to give more money To my life.

  8. I love all comments, from what I read I must say have got music talent. I love music, I can’t stay a seconds at home without listening to music. Even in church I only concentrate on choires but I can’t write or sing. am a business man, I did make out time in learning musical insruments but still can’t learn any of them. Does it mean music is my talent?

    1. I suspect music is your passion… but your talent is usually a specific application of your passion. You may have talent in music writing or music theory or in good chorus hooks. Dive deep and find what you like to do within your field of passion. The question is this “What do you do repeatedly, in the field of your passion, that GIVES you more and more energy as you do it MORE.

  9. I have now discovered my talent and now I don’t know how to develop it because my parents don’t allow me to join a football team.And I don’t now what to do

  10. After asking ma on how discover talents ,I hv been passing through different msgs , I felt so happy nd on the another hand so upset..i also need ur help, am now 24yrs with lots of pain if I don’t know my talent. I fill like am an actor of movie, designer in dressing nd much more about such category. But I hv no one to connect me in playing movies nd am working as a store manager . I don’t hv enough money to play one but I fill I can write much more. Please I don’t kno what really to do ,.please can U advice me on that

  11. Hey mike I have the same problem of realising my talent, I am an accountant by profession but I hate it so much coz I wanted to be a nurse but due to lack of fees I ended up here sometimes I don’t even comprehend something that I know, I feel awful. I feel like becoming a business lady i have so many ideas but also I enjoy when am sharing with a person his problems/issues cud that b my talent (counseling)

  12. i realy loved all the comments made and mostly the five steps to discovering our talents, buh the only this is to ask for God’s intevetion to show us what we have been gifted..

  13. I found mine at step 3, what I love doing and what gives me joy is dancing and singing, I soooo love dancing,,, thanks so mush, my friends always laugh at me whenever I say I don’t know what my talent is,,, thanks for helping me out…

  14. Hi Mike?. Thanks for a great article!!. I would like to know is it possible to have a talent in spiritualism or enlightment

  15. Dude, my talent is so hidden, I can’t even hide it. Your article really gave me ideas, like I asked a lot of people what my talents might be, but they all just got stuck in a long “ughhh”. I guess I’ll keep looking.

  16. I love listening to music passionately so much especially rap music does that mean music is my talent. more so,I know how to fix things please help out am confused

  17. I like to read too much and also talking and arguing for a very long time even at the detriment of my schedules.Where do I fit in now-lawyer or teaching?when I was growing up I had an avid interest in law but couldn’t make it to law faculty. Now I’m a cop and had just finished postgraduate in Communication Studies but still not satisfied with myself.l’m now an inch away to clocking 40 yrs of age but still at a crossroad whether to pursue a PhD or law degrees.Meanwhile l’m a family man with lots of responsibilities and now have no much chance of my own due to work pressures.If I actually know my talent,I will brace-up against all obstacles and pursue it.Pls I need your advice as I don’t even the communication Studies.Thanks

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