5 Ways To Getting Referrals

No pictures, not much text. Just 55 seconds until you are getting the best word of mouth marketing for free!

1. One Hand Washes The Other

By pitching a client or customer to a source for some PR, you not only make them extremely happy, but you make the source that is interviewing them happy. It is a win-win in the world of PR.

2. Blind Referrals

Don’t be afraid to say, “My product works great for ___, but I also love ___.” If you genuinely like someone’s product, it will give you credibility and they will be more likely to refer you.

3. Key Vendors

There are certain complimentary vendors that serve the same key clients you have, build key relationships with them for key referrals.

4. Electronic Referrals

Participate in online forums and get the word out about your knowledge and expertise… DON’T PITCH in the forum, you will more than likely be kicked off.

5. Story Testimonials

When you do get a referral, create a story about how your product/service helped another company. Use this as marketing and PR on your site. DON’T BRAG…TELL!


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  1. Asking for referrals to existing clients is one of the key to be successful in any business. You can multiply your business by converting referrals as clients.

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