Be Able To Sell By Changing Your Body Language In 7 Ways

Sales are the backbone of any business. As an entrepreneur, you already know this. But you may not realize just how important how you deliver your sales message matters, especially when it comes to body language. Experts believe that we communicate more through our body language than we actually do by what comes out of our mouth. Because of this, it’s essential to make sure you are doing all you can to use this to your advantage.


Silent Language

Although your body language doesn’t make any noise to your customers, it actually says a whole lot. These microexpressions that we give off, through everything from hand gestures to facial quirks, help people to read us and our message and have a major impact. In the sales world, if you can use body language to build trust with your customers, or at least not deteriorate it, then you will come out ahead.


Here are 7 ways that you must change your body language to be able to sell:

Exude Confidence. Stop slouching! Standing up straight, leaning slightly forward and having your shoulders back will make you look more confident and attractive. Also, relax your shoulders so you don’t seem tense.
Connect with Others. Match the speed you are speaking to others in the room. If you speak too fast, the other person will feel pressured. Too slow, and they will think you are lazy or talking down to them. You should also make sure to nod once in a while as you listen to someone else.
Be Calm, Cool & Collected. If your hands are up and you’re rubbing them together, you are obviously excited. If they are clenched and together, you are frustrated. Keep your hands in front of you or on the side and relaxed, with fingers together. This will demonstrate that you are calm, cool, and collected.
Put Yourself on Equal Footing. When it comes to handshakes, it’s all about the pressure. If you apply too much pressure, you are perceived as domineering or ignorant, but if you are too weak, people will think you have no self-confidence. You want to aim to mirror the other person’s handshake, which will put you both on the same page.
Honest Abe. Don’t touch your face. Slightly covering your mouth, rubbing eyes, scratching your nose or touching other parts of your face when you talk is an indicator that a person is lying. Picking your nose, now that’s a whole other story.
Make the Eyes Count. The eyes send powerful messages. Make sure you make eye contact, but avoid staring. Too little, you will be seen as insecure or lacking interest, while too much, and they may find you a bit strange. Eye contact can help build a connection, so be sure to make eye contact at least half of the time.
Watch the Arms. The way that we hold our arms is a cue about how open or closed we are. So this means you should avoid crossing them, which will make you seem closed off or defensive. Rather, just relax them at your side.


Making the Connection

Experts believe that up to 90 percent of the communication we do is non-verbal. Which means you really need to be aware of what your body is saying to your clients. Even if you are not aware of it, they are. You may be doing a great verbal sales presentation, while your body language is ultimately killing the deal. So make it a goal to focus more on your body language in your next sales meeting. My guess is that you are pleasantly surprised at the results!


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