In July of 2012, I asked for volunteers. Would anyone be interested in helping me promote the book I was then releasing, The Pumpkin Plan? The request, I realize, was weird. It was a highly selfish request in fact. I mean, I was asking folks to help me in an effort that would only benefit me. At best I thought one or two people who wanted to learn about the book marketing process, would join me. I put the request out and crossed my fingers. Two people signed up. Then another ninety eight. The Buzz Warriors were formed. Today, I am humbly inviting you to join The 2014 Profit First Buzz Warriors.


The Pumpkin Plan Buzz Warriors’ support blew my mind. I was flattered and humbled and honored all at the same time. Why did so many people offer to devote their time and effort to promote a book written by someone else? Was there something I didn’t see? There was.

The reason people were spreading the word on The Pumpkin Plan, wasn’t because of me but because they believed the book could truly help their friends and colleagues. And the success of those people, would spark the success of more people, and more people’s success would help even more people. The Buzz Warriors were the ultimate givers. They were giving because they knew that it would all come back to them somehow, someway, someday. Screw give to get, they give to give. That’s my kind of warrior.

Today I am asking for your help, again. I am asking for your help to build the buzz. I have poured my soul into my newest book, Profit First, and humbly (albeit, with big balls – I explain that shortly) ask for you to help me spread the word far and wide.


The Secret Handshake

First things first. Just like any cool organization worth a lick, we have a secret handshake. When we first assembled the Buzz Warriors, I easily spent ten – maybe even eleven – seconds researching secret handshakes, in the hope to create one that had never been done before. And I found it. While optional, the proper greeting when you meet a fellow Buzz Warrior is as follows:

Give a big, dog like, sweeping lick up the side of your fellow Buzz Warrior’s face. From their chin to cheek, slightly over their nostril, up the side of their nose, right over their eyeball and to their forehead, then through their hair, in their ear (with a little bit of awkward lingering), and then back to their chin.

We call it the Buzz Warrior Lick of Love. I know, it’s a little bit awkward. And while you don’t have to it, I suggest you do. I mean, it is our secret handshake and all. I don’t make this stuff up. Hooooold on. Wait a minute!


The 4 (Although It Is Really 3) Rules of The Buzz Warriors, Plus 3 Additional Reserved Rule Spots In The Off Event That We Need To Use Them In The Future

1) I make some of this stuff up.

2) The first rule, which is already confusing since it is listed second, is that every Buzz Warrior is to be respected and supported.

3) Dicks are not allowed here. If you read The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, you know this is a big deal for me. Any dickish behavior will result in instant removal from The Buzz Warriors. And yes, I will take my Lick of Love back. Seriously.

4) No one is the leader of The Buzz Warrior movement, including me. It is a little bit of anarchy and a lot a bit fun. The only leaders we want are cheerleaders and folks who lead by example.

5) I have reserved three spots for future rules. So rule 5, 6, and 7 are currently available. Suggestions are welcome, especially cult like stuff. Something like: We refuse to eat honey and chastise anyone who does, all while we dance around in our black Nike sneakers.

Or perhaps, when we are in immediate proximity of the Profit First book, we don’t eat any pork products and even pretend to throw up a little in our own mouths when someone suggests any thing pig related… but when we’re not near the book we munch down on a pork chops, covered with bacon, while taking pictures of a ham hock.

Mike’s Balls

It is only reasonable to ask, why the hell would you want to volunteer to be a Buzz Warrior? In other words, does Mike Michalowicz really have the audacity (“balls” for my Jersey neighbors) to ask me to volunteer my time so I can promote his newest book, Profit First?

The answer: Yes! My balls (“audacity” for my non-Jersey neighbors) are huge.

I am being selfish. No question. Not selfish in a power trip way. Selfish in that, this won’t work without you. I need and humbly ask for your help. Big time.

Launching a new book is harder then ever. Without the support of a small, focused group of audacious, insanely, “what the hell, let’s make this happen” driven people, Profit First will likely flop. I surely can’t advertise my way to success. So, I am partly asking for your help because I am being selfish, and biggishly asking because I recognize I can’t make this work without you (which I guess is selfish, too).

My hope is that if you do decided to be a Buzz Warrior, that you will win too. Perhaps you will learn something that helps you in your own marketing endeavors. Maybe you will get Profit First into the hands of a struggling entrepreneur and it serves them. Or maybe you will connect with someone that you never would have before and do something big together and be awarded the Nobel Prize. Stranger things have happened.


Bigger Than Mike’s Balls

You are serving a much, much bigger mission then just promoting Profit First. You are showing entrepreneurs how to succeed.

Almost everything we have in this life has been a result of an entrepreneur. From the wheel to the computer, from gas to electricity, to the combination of wheels, computers, gas and electricity (more commonly know as a Prius). If you buy it or use it, it was an entrepreneur who made it happen. Entrepreneurs are the shit.

As Buzz Warriors our mission is to support fellow entrepreneurs. I know. I know. We are doing it by promoting my book. That part supports me (an entrepreneur). At the same time, we are also supporting all the people we touch during the Buzz Warrior campaign. If they read Profit First, I am convinced it will change their financial lives for the better, forever. But there is even more to it.

Here’s the reality: Many people will hear of Profit First because of your efforts and still never read it. Even then your mission has been served. Those entrepreneurs will have learned about you. They will have been touched by what is possible – that following the ordinary path, in this case advertising a book through magazines and such, is not the only path. That amazing things can be accomplished if we just think – scratch that – act outside the box. That a focused few can move mountains.

So, in short, the most important mission of The Buzz Warrior is to show the world of entrepreneurs what is possible. To show by example. To show entrepreneurs how to succeed by acting outside the box.


How Did Mike Get Such Massive Balls?

Partly because I am German, Polish and Hungarian. It is a deadly “ball” combo.

The other reason is because I am living what I have defined as my life’s purpose. I believe that entrepreneurship is life’s ultimate sandbox. My purpose is to inspire as many people as possible to get into the sandbox and start playing. To get people going “all in” on their dreams. To get people to understand that success is in the doing and pursuing of what makes you happy. And to show them how to reap the financial rewards that present themselves when you do what makes you happy. It is a beautiful thing.

I’ve got balls, because I know why I am here. Maybe it will change at some point, but I doubt it. I am on a mission. And it is surprisingly freeing to go all in on one thing. I have the balls to seek your help, because I think what I am doing may be in a small way part of your purpose. Perhaps our “purpose paths” have crossed. And if being a Buzz Warrior adds to your happiness, well damn, we are going to crush it!




What Buzz Warriors Are Promoting: Profit First by Me (Mike)

Profit First is the most important book I have written to date. Even as I continue to write new books, I strongly suspect Profit First will be my most important work. In Profit First, I challenge an axiom. I call bullshit on the Sales – Expenses = Profit formula. Why? Because it doesn’t work. You know the formula, I know it, everyone knows it, yet most businesses either go out of business or live check by check. We know the formula and live by it, yet never make a consistent, fat profit. The old formula is broken.

I have found a new formula that changes everything: Sales – Profit = Expenses. It is a simple change. But don’t confuse simple with ineffective. This new formula, the Profit First formula, makes businesses profitable immediately and perpetually. Take your profit first, always.

I hope that everyone who reads Profit First finds it to be like nothing else they have ever read. I hope that it brings insights they never knew possible. I hope it inspires, motivates, supports, teaches and guides entrepreneurs to much greater profits. Permanently.

I hope it furthers my purpose. I hope it furthers theirs. And most importantly, I hope it furthers yours.

I have put every ounce of my soul into making Profit First the best book I can. Everything. Now it is time for readers to decide if its worthy. And the only way readers will even consider reading it, is if they hear about it and hear about it a lot. You know, if there is a lot of BUZZ!


How To Earn Your Stripes (What You Need To Do)

Now that you know all the background info about the The Buzz Warriors, let’s get you started.

As of writing this, a dozen folks have already joined the cause. The recruiting will only continue until we have one hundred new (or repeat) Buzz Warriors.

When you join, the cumulative time and effort you put in is entirely up to you. I anticipate the “average” Buzz Warrior will spend about two total hours on this project, spread out over the first couple weeks of July. Then again, the word “average” doesn’t exist in the Buzz Warrior vocabulary. Neither does the word “neither,” but that’s neither here nor there.

Here is exactly what it means to be a Buzz Warrior, and the support I need from you:

1) The Twitter 24 in 48 – For this task to be completed I ask that you tweet 24 times within twenty four hours, starting any time on July 8th and finishing before July 10th. Each tweet should simply say something about the book and include a link to it (e.g. Wham! Bham! Thank you Ma’am-ichalowicz for writing #ProfitFirst. Great book! ). I have prepared about 50 tweets that you can pick from, or you can write your own.

2) The Facebook “Profit Profile” – On July 8th change your Facebook profile picture to be the cover of Profit First. You can grab a picture of the book cover here: On July 9th you can change it back, or leave it, or post a picture of this guy.

3) The Post (or Roast) – During the week of July 8th post an honest review of the core chapters of Profit First on your blog or Facebook page or Google+ page and link it to Profit First on Amazon (you may want to use your own affiliate code or you can use this link Also include a link to the Profit First website

4) The Awesome Book Launch – This is the big one, on July 8th, tell anyone who you think might benefit from Profit First to go to The Awesome Book Launch page for Profit First. If it is cool with you to email some friends about the page, please do it. If it is cool to announce the page on Facebook or Google+ or both, please do it. Quite frankly, The Awesome Book Launch page is the most important part of the marketing effort for Profit First. I am inviting people (you too, of course) to pick up multiple copies of Profit First. The more books that get purchased, the more they get shared, and the more the word gets out.


The Rewards For Buzz Warriors (What’s In It For Me?)

1) First and foremost you get my gratitude. I know that may not be much. But it is critical for me that you know how grateful and appreciative I am of you being a Buzz Warrior. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

2) You will immediately get a five chapter sneak peak at Profit First. These are the core chapters of the book, which will teach you everything about Profit First and will be send to you are a PDF.

Why am I not send a PDF of the whole book? Because, sadly, I was burned when I gave away The Pumpkin Plan PDF… within a day someone put the book on Torrent and other share sites, which truly upset my publisher and me.

3) You will also get exclusive access to my Buzz Warrior marketing debrief call. This is exclusive to Buzz Warriors, and on the call I will share what worked and what didn’t for this launch. I will record it, in case you can’t join in live, and send you the MP3.

4) Every Buzz Warrior in good standing (meaning you did these four steps) will you get a 30% book quantity discount The Awesome Book Launch. Just pick the goodie level you want, then apply a 30% discount to the required book purchase level. If you need to round, always round down to the next whole number. For example, if you decided to pick up 4 copies of Profit First to get the “Sneak Peak” bonus, multiply 4 by 0.70 (a 30% discount) and you get 2.8. Round down to 2. So all you need to do is send me a receipt for a purchase of 2 books and you get the Sneak Peak.

5) BONUS (Added June 28th, 2014) – Every Buzz Warrior in good standing (you did all 4 steps) will be highlighted in the next printing of Profit First or my next book, as a marketing Buzz Warrior.  It’s fun to have your name in a book, adds to your CV, and who knows it could bring you business.

Want the Video Shout Out, Autographed Library and Sneak Peak? Apply the 30% discount to the 16 books required for that level and you get 11.2. Round down to 11 books… and the goodies are yours.


How To Register As A Buzz Warrior (How To Get Started)

If you want in, please simply sign up on our Facebook page.  And once you get admitted say the oath (we don’t have an official oath yet, so give your best shot at one). I am looking for the best, most elite, awesomeness-est Buzz Warriors only. I am going to try to limit us to 100 Buzz Warriors, since it is a lot to manage. I intend to be on the Facebook page every day leading up to our July 8th launch.

So if you are interested in helping out, join our private Facebook page now. It’s time to get the buzz going.

Thank you. Lick. Lick.

Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First



  1. Mike-
    I’m happy to provide some support for your new launch…I’m now living in Austin, come visit 🙂
    Instead of finishing my book (6 years & counting). I’ve decided to become a Publisher of Magazines: CRUSHING IT Magazine (just launched) and UNDERWEAR ENTREPRENEUR Magazine, scheduled for September launch. Would LOVE to discuss a content contribution from you for one or both!

  2. Am in Mike . Would not miss it and can’t wait to share with my Canadian friends – hopefully you will have it on by the release date as we cannot buy from up here.

  3. Am in Mike. Can’t wait to read it. Per my earlier you will have it available by the release date on as us Canadians cannot buy from Cheers, Eric

  4. Mike,
    So excited that your new book is ready to launch in July. YEAH!
    Looking forward to being a Buzz Warrior for you again. FUN FUN FUN
    Good Luck

  5. Hey Mike,
    Buddy good luck with your new book!
    I will gladly do anything I can.
    I liked your new page. You might want to open it up for comments, which can lead to new ideas for your launch.

  6. Hey Mike,
    I’m in, I’ll do what I can.
    I’m not sure what I can do, but I have spoken to a few
    accountants’ about you.
    Two of them did write to you, one from Sarasota and one from N.Y.
    Good luck !!
    Garry from Sarasota !!

    1. Thanks so much Garry. Yes….. I would LOVE to get accountants on board. I think some will “get it” and others won’t. i want to find the accountants who get it and will help their clients take the profit first.

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