You Can't Be Friendly & Unfriendly

Banks like to advertise how friendly they are. Customer service comes first, last and in between. At least, so they say.

Yet these “friendly” banks bury customers with small fees. Didn’t maintain the right balance? Fee. Received money via a wire? Fee. Sent money via a wire? Fee. Overdraft? Fee. Fee. Fee. Not so friendly.

Now try getting a refund for these fees. After the twelve minutes of hold music, the person on the other line puts you on hold (again) to speak with their manager. Then you get lectured on the banks policy and why they won’t refund the fees. Not so friendly.

When you differentiate your business on friendliness, a single gesture that is not friend-like will burn you. You can’t be friendly and unfriendly, because that is simply unfriendly.

Say who you are and be it. Always.


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