How To Find Your Niche Instantly

The riches are in the niches. But, how do you know which niche you should be serving? How do you know which community is right for you?

Here are three simple steps to instantly finding your niche:

1. Past Thrills. – Look back at your life and think about times when you were thrilled helping others. When you get joy from helping someone else and the joy is more important than anything else, you are serving others in a way that connects with your passion and purpose. Those people you are serving are in your niche. What you are doing is how you should serve your niche.

2. One Association. One Keynote. – If you were invited to do one keynote speech for one association, who would you speak to and what would you speak about? Those people are in your niche. Your speech is what serves that niche.

3. Under Served. Never Served. – What group of people are under served or ignored (never served)? Does the fact they are under served or never served upset you? Does it anger you? Does it motivate you to finally stand up, take action and care for them?  That’s your niche. They are starving for you.

Go. Serve them.

How to find your niche


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