How Personalized Details Level Up the Game


Ah the Bahamas. How can it get any better?

Well, at my recent stay while delivering a keynote speech I was reminded how just a few personalized details can really level up the game in your business and make you a world class leader in your industry. For example, upon check in I received a carefully crafted note perfect for any thoughtful speaker – so good I’ll use it as one of my mantras:

“Sweetness in your speech
Talent in your mind
Love in your heart
Peace in your eyes
Strength in your hands

Wishing you good luck on your speech!”

Nice. I mean, I’m keeping it my suitcase for all of my travels. Also, knowing I don’t drink before speeches they offered me a non alcoholic drink before heading to my room. And, as if the gorgeous view of the ocean wasn’t enough, my room included a previously drawn bath with flower petals – I assume for my wife who wasn’t on this trip with me (I was sure to FaceTime and show her though). This place has personalization down to a science, my friends.

These details struck a chord with me. The individuals here are wonderful, no doubt. They are sincere in their effort to make guests somehow known in a strange place and comfortable away from home. At the same time, this doesn’t just happen. The hotel has a system in place which trains their employees to deliver that experience and deliver it with precision. They programmed the process of hospitality, specializing in making guests feel so comfortable miles from home that they’d only want to stay with them again and no other hotel.

So, my question to you: What is the one thing you want to lead in? What kind of personalization are you offering? What details are you focusing on to offer extreme touch, care and recognition of clients? How do you stand out, and above the rest? Pick one thing, dominate that space and make your business the one people want to keep coming back to.

And no, I really didn’t use the flower petal tub.


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