How To Make Your Product More Desirable To Customers

You are likely familiar with the scarcity theory – the concept that the less available something is, the more desirous it becomes. But few people realize that products became even more desirable when the item only recently became less available, as opposed to being scarce all along.

The next time you watch the Home Shopping Network, you will see this strategy at play. They will display an item and the quantity available (typically via a counter in the lower left portion of the screen). Then the program will start showing the inventory count depleting. As less and less of the product is available, more people will (behaviorally) want it and consumption increases.

With your own offering, show your customers how your stock is depleting and how your product is becoming more scarce, rapidly. Sales will jump.

As with all sales and marketing techniques, do it with absolute integrity. If you don’t and your customers find out (and they will), the paybacks will be your destroyed reputation.


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