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Today we interview the owner of the Savannah Bananas, Jesse Cole! He shares fascinating insight on how he had leveraged Profit First to reduce his debt, and strike an extraordinary chord of innovation.  Discover why the Savannah Bananas is the most innovative baseball team of our time, how they are radically changing an industry, and as a result, bringing tremendous amounts of profit to their business, and a tremendous amount of happiness to their fans!  Welcome to Episode 110 of the Profit First Podcast!


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Jesse Cole is the founder of Fans First Entertainment who owns and operates the Savannah Bananas as well as the Gastonia Grizzlies in the Coastal Plain League.  In his first year owning the Savannah Bananas, the team has gained worldwide recognition and publicity.  The Bananas have been featured on ESPN, Good Morning America, the Today Show, Yahoo and CNN for their unique name and promotions. The team would go on to sell out 8 of their first 9 games and on pace to sell out most of their games in their inaugural season!
In Cole’s tenure with the Gastonia Grizzlies, the team has broken the attendance record in each of his eight years and finished 9th in the country in attendance in 2015.  The Grizzlies have been recognized regionally and nationally, being named Gaston Gazette’s Person of the Year, Organization of the Year, and winning best promotion in the country at the Sports Business Conference.

Cole has been named Business Person of the Year by the Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce as well as Executive of the Year by the Coastal Plain League.

Cole is known for doing very unique things at the ballpark including implementing features such as the Midnight Madness Game, the Grizzlies Donut Burger and Donut Dog, The Grandma Beauty Pageant, the Tuxedo Uniforms, dancing players and Dunk the GM inning in the Dunk Tank.

Cole has been a part of more 10 different community boards in Gastonia including United Way, Gaston Chamber, Gaston Jaycees, to name a few and is a proud member of Gastonia East Rotary but may be switching as he and his wife Emily bought a house in Tybee Island and live here full time.

Cole may be most known for wearing a Bright Yellow Tuxedo at every game during the season!


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2 thoughts on “Going Bananas For Profit First With Jesse Cole”

  1. I love listening to you guys while I am mowing lawns throughout the day for my clients. I’ve just started Profit First and have already set up my accounts. I have made a lot of gains like eliminating expenses that are not needed, beefing up my referral marketing plan, and getting myself back into the field by hiring someone to answer the phone. Also, I am starting to really focus on building client density and firing the clients that are costing me more money. I started this lawn business right out of high school in 2012 and am now 22 years old. I am super excited to see how profit first improves the bottom line and helps me live the life and own the business that I have always dreamed of. Thank you guys for putting out such great “content”.

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