Overcoming Adversity with Robert Hartline

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On this episode with Robert Hartline.  What if your business got ripped off and substantial amounts of money were taken away and you didn’t even know.  Robert Hartline went 3 years and had $300,000 stolen from his business and he didn’t even know. Until one day just by chance he discovered that he had an employee working for him that he didn’t even recognize, it wasn’t an employee and that uncovered an embezzlement that had been going on for 3 years. In this episode learn how Robert was able to get law enforcement involved, save his company, recover the money, and send a bad person away. Welcome to episode 138 of the Profit First Podcast!

Our Guest

Robert Hartline went from selling cell phones from the trunk of his car in college in Murfreesboro, TN to building a chain of 33 wireless stores called Absolute Wireless.  Along with Callproof, a software company, Dang It Repair, a phone repair business with 2 locations and Hytch, a carpooling service focused on building the first virtual mass transit network . Robert Hartline is a serial entrepreneur, who built his businesses to where today they generate $50 Million in total revenue.

Robert lives with his wife and two young boys in Nashville enjoys traveling, learning new technology, flying drones in fireworks, off-roading and skiing.


Guest Links

​Website: ​www.callproof.com

Twitter: @hartlinerobert

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