The Three Steps to Profitability with Donna Krech

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In this episode we interview Donna Krech. There may be three ways to instantly increase profitability, according to Donna Krech. First, pay yourself first, a method that we teach in Profit First. Second, have stand up meetings, the ultimate way to communicate efficiently and effectively. And three, manage both your time and your health. If you take care of those three elements, profitability is assured according to Donna Krech.

Our Guest

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Best Selling Author and International Speaker, Donna Krech has a 30+ year track record of building multi-million dollar companies in the wellness, weight loss and fitness industries. Her impactful message and proven success methods have triggered audiences in 94 countries to regard her as a thoughtful leader, business builder and life changer. She has authored nearly 100 bestselling books and success programs, is featured in national publications including SUCCESS magazine, has hosted two national television shows, publishes her own magazine and has grown 3 companies to have locations nationwide. One of her seven companies gained recognition from Oprah’s Oxygen Network and NBC’s Biggest Loser.

Donna has lived the American Dream and is an expert in teaching others to do the same. Beginning her career without enough money to feed her child, she is passionate about providing inspiration, education and tools so others may also see their dreams realized. Reproducing the system she credits for her own success, she founded Purpose Led Profit which grew out of her own story of overcoming poverty, abuse, depression, multiple cancers with her husband, 3 life altering diseases and more. She packs a punch with a velvet glove, her energy fills up a room, and she’s on a mission to see you happy, healthy and FULLY ALIVE!

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Twitter: @Donnakrech

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