Balancing Practical Tools with Wealth Consciousness with Amber Dugger

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How would you describe your relationship with money? Is it a little bit of a love/hate relationship? You love it when you have it and wish for more, but you hate obsessing about it and feel guilty asking for too much?  Amber Dugger explores the connection between money and mindset and explains the importance of setting goals that inspire you on a visceral level, creating a clear budget to support it and then rejoicing in the magic that happens as a result in this episode of the Profit First Podcast!

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Amber Dugger thrives on encouraging and empowering others in achieving clarity with their numbers and discovering the true purpose behind their money goals. She is a certified health coach from IIN and worked in corporate finance for 15 years before venturing out on her own in 2015. She is a mastery level Profit First Professional and loves reverse engineering the Profit First system and combine it with a powerful cash flow tool called YNAB (You Need a Budget) to make it easy to understand and implement for solopreneurs.

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