Back From Bottoming Out by Implementing Profit First with Brian Chaney

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Are you running a struggling business that’s wreaking havoc on your personal life?  Perhaps your business is running you! Brian Chaney tells us how he stopped the madness and really got a handle on priorities (family) and profits! Welcome to episode 246 of the Entrepreneurship Elevated Podcast!

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We started our agency 8 years ago in Chattanooga Tn. 3 years ago our agency began to fail, and with it came massive tax and business debt. My commitment to the business left my wife feeling vulnerable, causing tension and many other problems. We implemented Profit First at a time when we were paying (some) bills check to check…over time it has re-wired how we think about our money, and has allowed us to eliminate debt, get our business back on track, and remove business as a thorn in the side of our marriage.

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