Positive Thinking… Is It Bad For Your Business?

Is there such a thing as being too positive? Yes. Positively yes.

At a recent Anthony Robbins event, run by the king of positive himself, nearly 24 people severely burned their feet while walking across burning coals. The objective of the fire walk? To provide people with a metaphor for overcoming their fears with positive thought. I look like at least 24 of them did have enough positive mojo going on. In fact, one participant who suffered third degree burns to his feet, stated that he was obviously not thinking positively enough.

Today we are inundated with the requirements of positive thinking. In fact, any ills you face in business or in life, as the philosophy goes, can be pinned on not thinking positively enough. Want to magically attract millions? Have positive thoughts so the Law of Attraction can bring it to you. If you the riches don’t magically appear, you simply were not thinking positively enough.

Having a down day, just picture yourself on a beach with a Margarita in your hand and you will be cured. Not.

Negative thinking is natural. It is part of the human experience, for every human. And just like everything in life, we need balance. Too much of a good thing is still too much. That includes too much positive. It will throw you out of whack and hurt you.

Here’s how you are overdoing:

1. Affirmations – Are you using the method of Stuart Smalley “I am smart enough” positive affirmations into a mirror to get your positive juices flowing? Think again. Inauthentic affirmations that we say to ourselves are automatically followed up with counter negative argument. For example, when you say to yourself “I am smart enough” your mind instantly asks “then how come you are such a failure right now.” Inauthentic positive affirmations actually make you feel worse about yourself.

2. Visualization – The Law of Attraction suggest you visual a positive outcome. Perhaps you will visualize that new car you want or a new client you want to land. Then, as the Law of Attraction professes, sit back and let the universe deliver it to you. You wait and wait. This form of positive thinking puts us in the dangerous trap of inaction. Sitting and waiting never brings results. Even lottery winners need to go out and buy the ticket.

3. Goal Setting – This is potentially the most common form of positive thinking in business. At face value it makes complete sense. Determine you want for your business over the next yets, then outline the positive goals that will get you there. So far, so good. The problem happens is when things change but the goals don’t. Goals that are positive, but don’t adjust to the changing dynamics of the environment around become a dangerous blinder. You positively adhere to goals that will no longer serve your business.
Being positive isn’t bad, it is simply being overdone. Being negative isn’t bad either, it’s value is just being ignored. The fix is the tried and true “moderation in everything.” So start getting a little more negative in business. . . it will positively help you.


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