The Queen Bee Role


The Queen Bee Role (QBR) is the singular most important activity within your business that delivers on your brand promise. That is a doozy of a sentence, so let’s break it down to the critical elements:

  1. The QBR is always an activity. And it is always at the Doing level.
  2. The QBR is always a singular activity. You are likely doing many activities that support your brand promise, but only one can be the most important. That critical activity is the QBR.
  3. The brand promise of your company is the greatest commitment you assure the customer will receive when they do business with you.
  4. This is why the QBR is the heart of your organization – it is the most important activity influencing the survivability and thriveability of your company.

Your brand promise is the pledge, assurance or guarantees you make to your customers about what they will experience with your company. This is the most compelling reason to why clients do business with you. And the QBR is the activity that most makes the brand promise a reality.

In short, the QBR delivers on the promise.

Examples of a QBRs are:

Company Brand Promise QBR
FedEx We deliver your packages on time. The movement of packages (logistics).
Savannah Bananas Fun. Family. Entertainment. The ideation of fresh, fun family entertainment.
Your local doctor An accurate prescription for your health. Spot on diagnosis.
Fast Food Restaurant Food served fast. The assembly of burgers (and other foods) as fast as possible.
High End Restaurant Remarkable food. Preparation of food that tastes extraordinary.
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2 thoughts on “The Queen Bee Role”

  1. Brilliant! Defining this core role is so difficult in a noisy world full of distractions. I’m guilty of being in the middle of every task and being the limiting force. Delegate! Find who, not how.
    Can’t recall such an important concept being so clearly and succinctly defined!

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