Want To Dominate An Industry? Write A Book

Christmas morning could have been your day. All those eager gift getters could have seen your face as they drooled over your new amazing book. Your book! Do you hear me?!??! YOUR BOOK. They could have spent the evening drinking eggnog and reading your wisdom. But alas, you still haven’t written your book. Another year down the tubes.

Do you want to dominate your industry? From chimney cleaning, to car racing, to computer programming, the industry authorities ALWAYS have a book. It is a right, or should I say “a write” of passage.

If you want to dominate your industry the easiest starting points is writing your own book, about the industry of course. When you put something in writing, you instantly become more believable, more influential and more authoritative. I don’t know why. After all, the words you write will be nearly identical to what you say. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that? You WILL be talking a lot (think public speaking), if you write a successful book.

Instead of sharing a cornucopia of tips, let me share the one most important part to getting your new book published. Start writing, keep writing and never stop. Just write, write and write some more. At a certain point it will flow, and the next steps will become much more obvious. Better yet, if you are an entrepreneur, give me a call when you get to that next step.


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