Convenience is Here to Stay

While price and quality are two important factors that customers desire, nothing beats convenience. Whatever you offer, you need to seek ways to improve its convenience.

Home used to be a treacherous mountainside climb up to a cave.
Water used to be a river one mile away.
Dinner was a hunt for meat, or a collection of berries.


Your home is a quick drive down a well lit street.A river is now a aucet, mere steps away from where you sleep.
Food is in a cold box a few feet from where you cook.

Convenience is why modern homes are far more common and caves aren’t so popular, why most people don’t have rivers running through their house, and why you probably picked up your dinner at the supermarket instead of foraging for it

The convenience game is far from over. Your job is to do more of it. How can food be pulled from storage to the refrigerator and be perfectly cooked as you pull it out? How can a bath happen while commuting to work? Convenience isn’t over, it’s just starting.


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