Your Clients Desperately Want You to Be Profitable

Your clients want you to be profitable. Desperately, in fact. But they will never say “Take me for all I’m worth.” or “Rip me off.” or “How can I pay your more money?” Nope, you will never hear those words (albeit I did experience that last one, once). Of course they won’t say those words, but man-oh-man they want you to make money.

Clients will try to knock you down on price, for sure. They will ask you to “sharpen the pencil” or to “do better.” But there is something they want even more. They want you to be able to deliver what they want, when they want it, and with your full attention on serving them.

In order for you to deliver at the highest level, to have adequate resources to get things done and to do all that without stress and distraction, you MUST be profitable.

Just like all of humanity our number one concern is ourselves. Customers care about themselves. And they care that you will deliver on what they want and need.

That’s why customers are desperate for you to be profitable. They depend on you. If you are losing money and struggling, if you are distracted, you can’t be best for your customers. They lose and you lose.

So, start committing to permanent profits. Every transaction with every customer must be profitable. Your customers want you to be profitable almost as much as you do.


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