Impatience Versus Anticipation

Change sucks. Strike that. Waiting for change, sucks. Once we know we want something, we want it instantly. We don’t want to wait for graduation, for choice clients, to buy a house, to find a new relationship. We want what we want and we want it NOW.

In our road rage, fast food, IM society, impatience is an acceptable state of being. I drive through, I honk and I text, but I also know what’s behind my own impatience for change: fear. When change doesn’t come about as fast as I’d like it to I get edgy because down deep I expect that it will never happen.

Impatience is the underlying, nasty fear that we’ll never make it, that we’re banking our hopes on a pipe dream, or that we don’t have what it takes to pull all of the big win.

Being impatient for change, not waiting for change is what REALLY sucks. Here’s why:

1. Impatience Reveals Disbelief – If you believed wholeheartedly in the change you want to see, would you be fearful that it may never happen? Nope. You’d do what you have to do and then kick back, secure in the knowledge – the absolute certainty – that the change you want was coming your way.

Disbelief kills more brilliant ideas and grand plans than all the smashed trailers in tornado alley. And certitude, well, it paves the way for greatness. If you’re impatient about manifesting change, it speaks to a larger issue of uncertainty. Get a handle on it, and fast.

2. Impatience Causes Stress – Surprise! Impatient people are stressed out. I mean, really, REALLY stressed out. You’re irritated, anxious, and in constant need of reassurance, which in turn, stresses out those around you. Do you really need a lesson in the negative consequences of stress? Good. Just cut it out.

3. Impatience Leads to Early Withdrawal – Look, if you’re impatient, insecure, and basically stressed out with worry, you’re going to bail. You won’t be able to sustain this emotional level long enough to manifest the change, so you’ll cut your losses and prove yourself right – you knew you’d never get what you wanted all along. Happy now?

Transformation takes time. When I learned to shift my focus from impatient waiting to anticipation, it all changed for me. No more fear, no more worry, no more stress, which left room for me to take action.

Transformation also requires endurance. Expect a positive outcome but prepare for a long trip complete with detours, potholes, and traffic jams. Stop saying, “Are we there yet?” and start enjoying the ride. There’s some beautiful scenery out there, man.

Nervous and chewing off nails


7 thoughts on “Impatience Versus Anticipation”

  1. Mike when you started your first company and were living in the old folks home, how did you encourage your spouse at the time? I know you are not a marriage councilor, but we are in the “Living in the old folks home” stage right now and I could use some advice from someone who has been there. Any thoughts?

    1. We talked A LOT about our vision. What we saw our family becoming. The place(s) we would live and visit. What our children would be like. With a clear vision, the sacrifices we were making simply became stepping stones.

  2. Boy are you telling me! Your post states: Transformation also requires endurance. Expect a positive outcome but prepare for a long trip complete with detours, potholes, and traffic jams. It’s been almost two years and 4 “house sold” contracts that have fallen through and I’m still working on selling my house (both neighbors’ houses have sold in the past week — is it my turn yet?). Living 80% packed, working full time, being a single Mommy to a 7 y.o., working on my soap business and my 7 y.o.’s greeting card business (she’s sold 8 cards!) . . . endurance goes just so far . . . patience goes just so far . . . stress starts to leak in. I’ve been through the detour, over the pothole, and now I’m working on getting through the traffic jam. Is it my turn yet? Anybody want a custom built home in Las Vegas?

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