The Details Matter

I took the courtesy bus over to get a rental car. When the bus started going a recording came on sharing the “value” in upgrading and pre-paying for my gas. A large message on a panel came up saying “We make it easy for you!”

So listening and seeing the display, I felt kinda good and considered the ideas. BUT then I saw this little sign on the drivers panel. “UP-SELLS”. Yuck!


I now felt manipulated and that they didn’t care about me in the least.

Don’t get me wrong… I get it. Shoot I support it. You, I and Hertz should always up-sell. We should always offer customers more and have them pay for it. But we need the experience to be genuine. We have to do it so that the customers has a true option and that the messaging so the option and the value.

Selling is OK. It is more then OK, it is critical. But do it through genuine caring not with in your face up-selling.


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