Different is Good

The hottest meme (an idea or behavior that gets copied or imitated by people, over and over again)a few years ago was a CVS sales receipt.

When something is different than expected, it gets noticed. In this case it is the longest sales receipt ever. But the tiniest receipt ever, the size of a postage stamp perhaps, would get noticed too. So would one chiseled into metal. Or stone. Or ice.

Regardless of the category, different, strange, unexpected, weird, atypical, odd, bizarre, unfamiliar – all get noticed. Some of them, if they are lucky, get talked about a lot. A real lot. If a meme can occur around a sales receipt, it surely can occur around something in your business.

Trigger the next meme.

Trigger the next meme


1 thought on “Different is Good”

  1. I, personally, am not good at coming up with those PERFECT phrases for memes, but I am good at creating gifs…? ? #giflover

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