Exploring Artificial Intelligence with Daniel Faggella

Show Summary

 You’ve heard of AI and at this point, you probably use it daily, but are you maximizing the impact it can have on your business? Daniel Faggella will walk us through the nuances of Artificial Intelligence on this episode of the Profit First Podcast!

Our Guest

CEO / founder at TechEmergence, the only market research and company discovery platform focused exclusively on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Previously Founder / CEO if Inc5000 eCommerce company Science of Skill. I sold my first business for six figures, my second business for seven figures – and both served as economic fuel for TechEmergence, funding our mission without having to raise outside capital. I’m of the belief that the most important ethical considerations of the coming thirty years will be the creation or expansion of sentience and intelligence in technology. My time is focused exclusively on this major concern. TechEmergence is intended first as a vehicle to proliferate an open-minded conversation about the implications and applications of AI . Business model came later, purpose was and is first.

Guest Links

Website: techemergence.com

Machine learning in marketing – it’s current and near-term impact.

AI for small business – and why it’s so hard.

Corporate Partners

Receipt-Bank – Software and service to make the gathering, storage & processing of bills, receipts and invoices as easy and as cost-effective as possible for businesses.

Nextiva – VOIP phone providers for small businesses.



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