Business Appreciation and Profitability with Andrew Moon and Peter Verlezza


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Andrew Moon and Peter Verlezza join us for Episode 26 of the Profit First Podcast. Andrew and Peter share their experiences with working on their businesses and increasing profit margins.


Our Guests

Andrew Moon Peter Verlezza

Andrew Moon (left)

I’m a serial entrepreneur who has launched and run several successful businesses of my own since age 8. I am the founder of Orange Nomad, a unique business consultancy that takes a progressive approach to educating small businesses and entrepreneurs on all things digital.

I am also the author of “Insider Technology Secrets That Will Make Your Business Run Better And More Profitably”. The seat of my passion has always been the entrepreneurial spirit, which drives me to bring the technology and business philosophies of “The Big Guys” into small business. My goal is to guide small businesses in implementing their business vision, while aligning their digital strategy to meet that mission.


Peter Verlezza (right)

For over 28 years, Peter Verlezza has been the architect of technology solutions that make sense for medical practices, businesses and non-profits.  His unique way of approaching challenges comes from a belief that it all starts with people.

In the early years, Peter worked at his family’s deli and catering businesses where the foundation of exemplary customer service was instilled by his family.  The value of serving has extended to his professional relationships with clients as well.   Peter internally asks the question, “Is this in the best interest of the client?” while remembering the old saying, “You can’t change what you have been handed only how you deal with it.”  He approaches both of these with a sense of humor, charisma and genuine care for others – it’s become a way of life.

He is the author of 3  books, “Hassle Free IT MD,” and the 2 Amazon best selling books, “The Tech Multiplier,” and “The Business Owners Essential Guide To IT and All Things Digital.” Peter recently completed an audio series titled “Touching People In Appropriate Ways” a series that speaks to the importance of connecting and communicating with an audience. That series has turned into a podcast of the same name where he interviews movers and shakers around the world to find out what they do in their businesses or professions to “Touch People In Appropriate Ways”.


Show Quotes 

When working on your business, document and systematize everything (once process at a time) to bring about repeatability.

Have clarity on who and who not to do business with.  Focus on the clients you want to serve, rather than having to spread the love to some people that you don’t want to be involved with.

Make the decision to profit from the business you build.

In order to start appreciating what you have, start rewarding yourself. The small bites that you take will be bigger than no bites that you didn’t take

Lesson of the day – When it comes to profitability there are 3 steps to get there.
1. Cut costs.
2. Build efficiencies.
3. Increase your margins.


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