Sticky Note Your Way To Mastery

Step 1 – Take 10 sticky notes and write one of the ten most important things your company does on each individual note.

Step 2 – Now stick each one of these 10 important things on the wall.

Step 3 – Of the 10 on the wall determine the 3 that are comparatively the least important. Take them off the wall and throw them out.

Step 4 – Of the 7 remaining notes take 4 of the least important ones off the wall and discard them too. I understand that this is hard, but do it nonetheless.

Step 5 – Of the 3 remaining remove 1 that is the least important of the 3 and put them in the trash.

Step 6 – Yes, it is time. Remove and discard the lesser important of the two remaining.

Step 7 – Stare long and hard at the one remaining sticky note on the wall. This is the most important thing your company does. Your company’s survival and success depend on your absolute commitment to it.

Step 8 – Devote every resource at your disposal to being the world’s best at that one thing. Period.



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