The Marketing Fence Method

Home service provider Gold Medal Service enters a new market by first determining the community they want to serve. Then they study all the demographic information they can find for that community.

Which homes in the community are in the right income range? How far is the average commute for residents of those homes? Do these people travel by car, train or bus?

Once they know how the best customers are traveling, they determine the most common routes they take. They determine what newspapers and magazines they read. They determine if the ValuPacks and Yellowpages books (yes some people still use them) serve this target market.

Then Gold Medal Service sets up its Marketing Fence. They surround the prospective customer with advertising, so that the average target prospect has twenty touches from Gold Medal every month. Billboards are put on the commuting routes. Ads are placed in the right periodicals. ValuPacks appear in the prospect’s mailbox.

When an ideal prospect is in need of home repair services, Gold Medal’s Marketing Fence places them immediately at top of mind. And with that, Gold Medal is growing faster than any other home service provider on the east coast. Perhaps faster than any other in the world.

Where do your top prospects congregate and travel, even if it is in the virtual world? Place your own Marketing Fence around them. If you can get twenty touches in a month, you will surely differentiate yourself from the competition.

I guess you could say twenty touches is the new gold medal standard. I know. I know. I had to say it.

Marketing Fence


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  1. I am wondering, if you are an online company only, how do you set up a “marketing fence” around your prospects. Is it possible?

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