What Am I Doing Right?

Right now, pick up the phone, call your best client and after the appropriate niceties ask them this question:

“What am I doing right?”

They will surely share some details. Perhaps even insights you weren’t aware of. They may speak to the quality of your work, or to your responsiveness, or perhaps the knowledge you have of their industry. But there is a catch.

When you ask your best clients “What am I doing right?” they will not tell you what you are doing right. They will, in fact, tell you what you need to improve.

When they say they really like the quality of your work, your job is to do improve the quality of your work.

When they say you are responsive, your job is to become more responsive.

When they say you know their industry, that is your cue to learn a lot more about the industry.

You see, when your client tells you what you are doing right, they will actually tell you what they pay attention to. When you improve that thing, they will notice. So will others like them.

Catering to what your clients notice, is always rewarded with open wallets.

Did you make the call yet? No? Do it now. Your company’s success is waiting in the wings until you do.


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